Start with a level 20 to level 35 Pokemon GO account!
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Pokémon Go Account presents to you the first safe and secure platform to sell and buy Pokémon GO accounts. If you want to start playing on a higher level you can buy a Pokémon GO account on This way you can skip the first leveling part and start with a level 10 or even level 25 Pokémon GO Account! If you are looking to make some money on the Pokémon GO account you've leveled up, you can sell your account over here!

1. Google account

Selling and buying is only possible with Pokémon GO accounts which are connected to a Google account.
Important notice: selling your Pokémon GO account means selling your Google account!

2. Check, double check

We will check your Google account and we will verify your Pokémon GO account. Once we have a potential buyer for your account you can no longer play. We will change the passwords and collect the payment. Once the sell is completed we will pay out!

2. Payday!

You can sell as many accounts as you like. Once we've securely finished up the deal we will you pay out!

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Tips to start

These tips and tricks will help you on your way to become the best pokémon trainer in the world!

  • Catch 'em all

    Again Pidgey or Rattata in your backyard? Always try to catch them. You will collect Stardust, XP and candy which are worth the while!

  • Power up

    Only use your startdust to power up fully evolved pokémon. Try to save as much startdust for when you're Level 15+.

  • Stop for poké Stops

    Poké Stops refresh every 5 minutes and provide you with free pokéballs, eggs, potions, revives and XP!

  • Stardust

    The amount of stardust you see in your display when you're viewing a Pokémon is all the startdust you have. Not just for that single pokémon!

  • Lucky eggs

    Lucky eggs double all the XP you get for 30 minutes. The trick? Wait to evolve all of those pidgeys until you’ve got a lucky egg active. Instead of 500 XP, you’ll get 1000 XP. Then use the rest of your time to hit a efficient Poké Stop route.

  • Different Pokémon

    Different locations harvest different Pokémon. Make sure to walk around and visit different locations to catch 'em all!

download the App

Are you located in a country where the app hasn't released yet? And having trouble installing the Pokémon GO app on your mobile phone? Select your operation system down below and read the download instructions.

Official release dates
July 6, 2016 - United States, Australia and New Zealand
July 13, 2016 - Germany
July 14, 2016 - United Kingdom
July 15, 2016 - Italy, Portugal and Spain
July 16, 2016 - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland
July 17, 2016 - Canada

The Pokémon GO app has been officially released in July 2016 in several countries. If you're located in one of these country's, dowload the app from the Play Store!

If you're located in for instance the UK, France, The Netherlands or Belgium
Download Pokémon GO from or another APK download site (be carefull for malware!), either directly on your phone or on a PC (it's a 58.1MB file). If you're using a PC then attach your phone to the PC via USB and drag the downloaded file to your Downloads folder. On your phone go to Settings, Security and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. Now tap on Pokémon GO in your Downloads folder to install Pokémon GO.

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